Knowmark Travelblog: Toulouse Plus!

Wednesday, September 21

Peterborough · Toronto

Today we leave for France - our second visit this year. We have reserved places in:

  • Moissac (five nights, starting Thursday, 22 September)

  • Lodève (five nights, starting Tuesday, 27 September)

  • Lagrasse (five nights, starting Sunday, 2 October)

  • Toulouse (five nights, starting Friday, 7 October)

Photos de villes, a great service from PagesJaunes, shows the neighbourhood in Toulouse where we are staying (Hotel Le Capitôle).

We do not have an extensive agenda, which is as we like it. The weather forecast for the first few days (in Moissac) is lovely, but it looks like we may run into unseasonably cold weather after that. We shall see ...

Our final training session
Our final training session :-}